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Orillia Farmers' Market

If you are looking for farm fresh produce and meats, home made preserves and baking, as well as hand made crafts and artwork the Orillia Farmers' Market is the place to be!

Rosie Rain Meat Pies
Tom Bouhs
Orillia, ON
(705) 345-6985

About Us
We have met the real 'Rosie Rain'. One cold Saturday in February (or was it January?). Regularly staffed by Tom and Eric, in turn, they dispense a range of meat pies and quiches, made the more tempting by the wafting aroma of their hot samples! It is not unknown to arrive just as the last 'Steak n' Guiness' is making its way into some shopper's carry-bag. Oh, well, there's 'broccoli Quiche'.. Tom is now also creating Shepherd's Pie and Lasagne, great for a Saturday night supper or any night of the week!

Producer of:  Fresh, frozen meat pies and quiches in a variety of delicious flavours as well as Shepherd's Pie and Lasagne.

Supplier of:  Meat pies, quiches, shepherd's pie and lasagne.

Available Now:  Year round at the Orillia Library

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