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Good Eats
A Tad Polish
A Tad Polish offers an interesting variety of specialty hand-made pierogi! Whether you're into the classic potato cheddar, vegan, gulten-free, the "apple pie-rogi", or just one of the many exotic weekly specials, there's a pierogi flavour for you. All pierogi are hand-made and we use predominantly local and organic ingredients - a cross between the traditional Eastern European comfort food and modern creative flavours. These are not your average dumplings folks!
Aladdin Indian Cuisine
Khan and his staff start to work early to bring a supply of fresh-made somosa, pakorah, and other samples of traditional Indian cuisine including spicy fries. Found every Saturday at the Orillia Public Library
Farmer's Daughter Kettle Corn
Be warned: when Chris gets his kettle hot and the corn poppin', the aroma can drive you crazy! Fortunately, they are handy to the chairs and tables of the Market cafe so you can sit down and quaff a whole bag full.. Locally sourced.
Kathy's Kakes
Kathy Kakes has been coming to the Orillia Farmers' Market for 19 years selling delicious handmade European style chocolates. Kathy sets up as a casual vendor every year three weeks before Valentine's Day, three weeks before Easter and for all Saturdays in the month of December as well as the extra Special Christmas Market when Kathy creates wonderful trays of cookies and squares. Sometimes Kathy brings items for Mother's Day and Father's Day depending on the weather - too hot means melted chocolate!
McBride's Organic Farm
McBrides Organic Farm is Orillia's local, certified organic farm. Located in Oro-Medonte, we grow about ten acres of vegetables for fresh market and storage, as well as raise organic pastured beef. We are at the Orillia Farmers' Market year-round, with our produce, beef and a variety of organic prepared foods made from our farm products. 2016 is our 21st. season. Visit our NEW website - mcbridesorganic.farm browse the photos of the farm, and check out "this week's list". You can order ahead online for weekly delivery, or pick up at the farmers' market on Saturday morning. Like us on Facebook to watch the season's growing!
Momma Mari's
Being raised by Greek parents in Orillia, my brother and I were no strangers to great tasting food. When my Dad started his business in 1974, he made sure his products were fresh and homemade. Once my mother came along in the business, she began to create her own creative flair to our Dad's homemade recipes. Since then, she has continued to create all kinds of different dishes, flavouring them with various tantalizing sauces and dressings. It is very important to me to keep our mom's traditions as well as our childhood alive by offering you the opportunity to taste Momma's difference. Your taste buds won't want to miss out on what "Momma Mari" has created. Something New - Momma Mari's will now be offering delicious and healthy homemade garden salads with their own homemade gluten free Greek salad dressing - just $5.00. They will be limited supply each week, so get them early. Take them home or eat at the market.
North River Farm
Get in line for Fred's fresh-grilled, home-made sausages. Ask for a "hot 'n' spicy" homemade sausage on a whole wheat bun. All his meats are raised on his farm, all-natural, and processed without preservatives, MSG or fillers. Some show up as meat pies, frozen fresh, so you can take them home and enjoy them at your leisure. Cold-expressed oils processed on the farm (and sometimes at the market). Flax, sunflower, pumpkin, mustard. Fred sets up outside all year round even on the coldest of days BRRRR.
Orillia Honey, Gillett Apiaries Inc.
Paul saw his first bee hive when he was 13 years old. His father helped him get started and bee keeping has been his life long passion. He has always loved the City of Orillia and it was his dream as a very young boy to have a farm and raise his family in Orillia, and he did. This is why he named his business "Orillia Honey". Paul's wife, Shirley has helped him create flavoured honey such as cranberry, cinnamon, and ginger honey. He also sells the original creamed, liquid, and buckwheat honey, as well as bee's wax and candles. Paul's slogan is, "BEE good to yourself and enjoy the goodness of natural honey products."
Rosie Rain Meat Pies
We have met the real 'Rosie Rain'. One cold Saturday in February (or was it January?). Regularly staffed by Tom and Eric, in turn, they dispense a range of meat pies and quiches, made the more tempting by the wafting aroma of their hot samples! It is not unknown to arrive just as the last 'Steak n' Guiness' is making its way into some shopper's carry-bag. Oh, well, there's 'broccoli Quiche'.. Tom is now also creating Shepherd's Pie and Lasagne, great for a Saturday night supper or any night of the week!
Sunshine BBQ
From their own 'hot-dog'cart, Sunshine dispenses ready to eat meats, sausage, back bacon, cutlets, cold drinks. All the condiments are there, too, for a quick pick-up, or take out. Sunshine sets up outside all year round even on the coldest of days BRRR.